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[19 Nov 2008|07:57pm]

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A rather lengthy and indepth interview with Joey can be found on their blog. It's probably one of the most thorough interviews I've heard in a while, my biases towards Joey, notwithstanding.

it's about 4 parts and runs just under 40 minutes.

(only 3 more shows left before the boys come home!)


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[09 Nov 2008|11:51pm]

Just a quick little note...

the venue for the November 16th has been changed.

the NEW venue information is:

16th - Vincenza IT - CENTRIO TECCHIO

Please disregard any previous info saying that the show is in Rome. It is now in Venice. To play Roma or to play Vincenza...what a hard decision.

Please spread the word around =]

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[01 Nov 2008|11:00pm]

Street Team Email...European Update.

Hey Guys!

Happy Dia de Los Muertos / All Saints Day!

I love writing these emails because it means that we’re in the midst of yet another tour. I will be completely honest…this is a happy update! In case you haven’t been on myspace in the past week and a half and read the eleventy million bulletins that I’ve been sending out, you would know that the boys are in Europe at the moment. Tonight, they are in Leeds and tomorrow they have the night off before heading to Manchester, Plymouth and then to the rest of Europe. They have a bunch of dates in Germany and beyond. I got an email from Joey the other day and everyone is really stoked to be over there right now. Morale is really high, and everyone seems really happy.

SO. Taking a little step aside…I really need to thank the UK teamers because they’ve been KILLING it. I’ve talked to a couple of them and they’ve been INSANE busy promoting this tour. So…THANK YOU guys! I know the boys have noticed, so that’s always a good thing. The rest of you lovelies around Europe…you have big shoes to fill!

Speaking of talking to teamers who have gone to shows…I know that this doesn’t apply to most of you right now, but just a little reminder when shows do come to the area. Please remember that if you go to a show that you read the email that I send out before hand. There are some pretty specific instructions in there. so far, I’ve received responses from every show but one on this tour and that’s AWESOME. It’s really important that you read and respond to the emails that I send you =]

Moving on to some fun stuff…

If you have a Last.FM account, Kerri from the UK has created a group for you, so please join!

She also has some videos for your viewing pleasure, all taken on the 26th of October at Running Riot / ninjafest in London so you can see just how fantastic the show was…

Black Hoods:
I’ll Be Happy When You’re Fucking Dead:
Zombie Onslaught:
Venom and Hope:

That’s all from me for now.

As always, if you have friend who would like to join us, please have them email me! All my contact info is at the bottom, so if you need anything or are just in the mood for a chat, get a hold of me!

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[16 Oct 2008|12:27pm]

just a little note on the changes and additons of shows for the euro tour which starts next week:

date - city country - venue

24.10.2008 - Essen DE - Cafe Nova
25.10.2008 - Landen BE - Amfitheater
26.10.2008 - London UK - Underworld / Running Riot Festival
27.10.2008 - Newport UK - TJs
28.10.2008 - Brighton UK - Engine Room
29.10.2008 - Kingston UK - The Fighting Cocks
30.10.2008 - Bournemouth UK - iBar
31.10.2008 - Birmingham UK - Barfly
01.11.2008 - Leeds UK - Rios
03.11.2008 - Manchester UK - Satan’s Hollow
04.11.2008 - Plymouth UK - White Rabbit
06.11.2008 - Hengelo NL - Innocent
07.11.2008 - Trier DE - Ex-Haus
08.11.2008 - Ravelingen BE - Fallout Fest
09.11.2008 - Dessau DE - Beatclub
10.11.2008 - Berlin DE - Wild At Heart
11.11.2008 - Linkoping SE - Skylten
12.11.2008 - Braunschweig DE - B 58
13.11.2008 - Munchen DE - Feierwerk
14.11.2008 - Oberentfelden CH - PoromPomPom
15.11.2008 - Bologna IT - Rock Circus
16.11.2008 - Roma IT - Traffic
17.11.2008 - Lasko SI - SMOCL
18.11.2008 - Budapest HU - TBA
19.11.2008 - Wien AT - Arena
20.11.2008 - Prague CZ - OO7
21.11.2008 - Banska Bystricia SK - Club 77
22.11.2008 - Gotha DE - The Londoner

All Dates with For The Fallen Dreams and The Warriors =]
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[14 Aug 2008|01:12pm]


i'm releasing this show early.

asbury lanes
asbury park nj
$10 adv
$12 DOS

open your mouth for the speechless...Collapse )

so whoever decided to put that headliner at a bowling alley is a little crazy.


8/20 king of clubs, claremore OK with a day to remember
8/22 the high ground, new orleans LA with a day to remember
8/23 gehenna fest with darkest hour and misery signals @ houston TX


i will have European and UK dates very soon.

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[25 Jul 2008|01:33pm]




Hey Guys!

It's been about two weeks since the last time I sent out a team email, but here we are again in the midst of yet another tour. The guys just finished the first half, and everything went so far so good. I talked to everyone the other day and they are happy with the response that they've been getting, so it's necessary to say thanks to you guys because I know that it's due in part to your hard work.

Just a couple of small things, though. If you are on the first part of this tour, you have already gotten your email with instructions in it. The first leg ran through the 24th (last night!) in Cleveland. Those of you who have dates on the second leg should have gotten an email from me already. If you haven't, let me know and i will send it to you again. The second leg starts the 27th in Massachusetts (this is a new date on the tour. Please read the show information below.) and goes through the southwest and the west coast and will run through mid-August. PLEASE PLEAS PLEASE PLEASE. If you get an email from me regarding one of the tour dates, please read it carefully. I know that the boys are stoked on us, and I would like to keep it that way.

If anyone has a facebook, Kerri from out UK team has created a facebook group for us. If you would be so kind as to join the group and get to know the people outside of your teams that would really make me happy. Find us on facebook here:

And speaking of joining groups…don't forget about our myspace groups:

California –
New Jersey –
New York –
Arizona –
New Mexico –
Nevada -
Ohio -
Illinois -
Massachusetts -
Connecticut -
Tennessee -
Texas –
Washington -
Idaho –
UK -

The Waterfront Tavern
920 main st
Holyoke, MA
Doors @ 6:30pm

As always, if you know anyone who would like to join us, please have them email me. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask me. If you just want to send me hate mail, that's cool too.

We've had a lot of shows with a lot of really amazing turnouts, so I would like to thank each and every one of you for all of your hard work this summer. It's almost over, so I know it's easy to start slacking off, but please keep up the good work.

If you see me or anyone in the band hanging out at shows, go say hi. We don't bite.

Love love love love.


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blackhoods facebook group [04 Jul 2008|06:36pm]

hey everyone
i noticed that despite there being several myspace groups, there was nothing on facebook

so please join :)
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[27 Jun 2008|11:29pm]

Hello Everyone!

It seems like just yesterday that I was telling you that the Ferret Tour was getting ready to start, and now, I’m emailing everyone telling them that the band’s stint on the tour is finished. If you haven’t heard, they’re home now. Joey posted a blog on the myspace about it that I highly encourage you check out if you haven’t already. It basically says that they had to drop off the last four dates of the tour, that they are sorry, and that there was nothing that they could do about it. At any rate, check out what he wrote, and leave some feedback.

The record has been out for a little over two weeks already, and the response has been phenomenal! People are really excited about it. The reviews are running already. There is a really good one in the latest issue of Decibel Magazine. There is also a good review in Big Cheese. Additionally, there are lead reviews in both the new issue or Kerrang! and Rocksound. If you don’t know what a lead review is, it’s the very first review that you see that takes up most of the page to the beginning of the reviews section, so that’s really exciting! If you see reviews anywhere, please either scan them and send them to me or send me a link where we can read it online. I’m compiling all the press for the record into one place.

As a side note…..if anyone could scan the reviews from K!, Rocksound, Decibel, Revolver, Big Cheese, etc for me and then email them to me, that would help me immensely. Also, there is a full page picture of Shai Hulud in the new Outburn (pg 43 with Story of the Year on the cover) where they are wearing the hand hoodie…if anyone could scan that to me, that would be super lovely as well. I will make you cookies or something.

Finally, the very last thing that I want to talk to you all about is the next tour. As you know, they are heading out July 11 with a pretty diverse bunch of people.). Joining the band on the road for this tour is David Costa (Skeleton Crew), The Hottness (Ferret), and Dr. Acula (Uprising). The flier for this tour is almost done, so I should have that for you all very shortly. In the mean time, here are the tour dates for this tour:

11/07/08 - THE REFUGE [Fredericksburg VA]
12/07/08 - THE BREWERY [Raleigh NC]
13/07/08 - LUCKY’S [Wilmington NC]
15/07/08 - THE MASQUERADE [Atlanta GA]
16/07/08 - THE MUSE [Nashville TN]
17/07/08 - RHINO’S [Bloomington IN]
18/07/08 - THE NEXT LEVEL [LaPorte IN]
19/07/08 - THE ATTIC CLUB [Dayton OH]
20/07/08 - ROCKSTAR NIGHTCLUB [St. Louis MO]
21/07/08 - BULLDOG CAFÉ [Louisville KY]
22/07/08 - REGGIES ROCK CLUB [Chicago IL]
23/07/08 - SKELLETONES [Grand Rapids MI]
24/07/08 - PEABODY’S [Cleveland, OH]
25/07/08 - AMERICAN LEGION [N. Tonawanda, NY]
26/07/08 - W. GLEN FALLS FIREHOUSE [Queensbury NY]
28/07/08 - ROCKOS [Manchester NH]
30/07/08 - CLUB CHROME [Springfield IL]
31/07/08 - THE CRUSH LOUNGE [Tulsa OK]
01/08/08 - FAT DADDY'S [Dallas TX]
02/08/08 - JAVA JAZZ [Houston TX]
03/08/08 - THE WARHOL [San Antonio TX]
04/08/08 - THE UNITY CENTER [Roswell NM]
05/08/08 - THE LAUNCH PAD [Albuquerque NM]
07/08/08 - SOMA [San Diego CA]
08/08/08 - DANCE UNLIMITED [Morgan Hill CA]
09/08/08 - THE BELMONT [Fresno CA]
10/08/08 - KARMA [Victorville CA]
12/08/08 - THE VENUE [Boise ID]
13/08/08 - CLUB NVO [Logan UT]
14/08/08 - MARQUIS THEATRE [Denver CO]

Next week, I should have the art and the flier for this. This flier needs to go everywhere. I have talked to most of your local Hot Topic stores and they have agreed to feature the show on their bulletin boards. I know that the ones here in Cincinnati and Dayton are making it their show of the week and it’s getting a small display, so that’s pretty exciting. The point is that it needs to go everywhere you go. For example, I am putting a handful in my local starbucks. It is right across the street from our mall and it’s open 24 hours. When the mall closes, a lot of kids come across the street for drinks. It’s a highly visible, high traffic area. Think of places like that. Keep a handful in your car and leave them places. Be as creative as you can, just don’t get arrested. I’m not bailing any of you out of jail. 

This last tour went, for the most part, very very well. The west coast teamers really pulled it out and the turnout for the California shows at least was amazing. I’m really proud of you guys and I know that you can make this tour a success as well.

As always, if you know anyone who would like to join our team, please have them email me. if you have any questions or comments, please don’t be afraid to ask me or any of your captains. All of my contact info is at the bottom, and all the captains have my number.

AIM: witchypeu
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[14 Apr 2008|08:38pm]



some of the street team kids are having a little meetup at 7:45 at generation records in NYC on friday, 2nd may for dinner and general havoc wreaking if anyone cares and would like to join us.

let me know!

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TOUR INFO! [09 Apr 2008|10:53pm]

this is the email that i just sent out to the street team.


yes. you read that correctly, i have a tour announcement.


1. there is a presale option up on the myspace. if there are 100 or more presale orders placed before saturday, then there will be a new song posted. trust me, you really want a new song posted.

2. bamboozle is just around the corner. the banner will be playing on sunday, may 4th whith a whole bunch of really cool bands like...bret michaels. :D anyone who is going to bamboozle, let me know. my myspace is at the bottom, send me a message and i will send you all the details. we're having a meet up on friday night.

3. HEY CHICAGO! the band is playing a free show tomorow with across five aprils.

2109 South State Street
Chicago, Illinois 60616

upcoming shows...

4/10 - chicago, IL @ reggies w/ a5a
4/13 - pompton lakes NJ @ the mainstage (last folly show ever. -sad face-)
5/4 - east rutherford NJ @ giants stadium ( bamboozle )
5/10 - milford CT @ point beach club house
5/17 - poughkeepsie NY @ the polish club

TOUR DATESCollapse )

Brittany Smith
The Banner Street Team Coordinator
AIM: witchypeu

ALSO. if anyone wants to join the street team, please please please let me know. i have another BIG tour announcement happening in the next few weeks and thigns are going to start being very very very busy for us.

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[02 Apr 2008|12:04am]

Joey has posted a new song up on the myspace.

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[30 Mar 2008|08:16pm]
The Banner will be playing Bamboozle, on Sunday May 4th. the lineup for bamboozle can be found at i, for one, am pretty excited to see the mighty mighty bosstones, FINALLY.

also. if there is anyone out there who is keen on joining the street team, please email me at we're going to have a pretty full 2008 and i am looking for as many people as we acn get.

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[04 Mar 2008|06:16pm]

just a little update...


it's getting shipped off to be mastered. the disc drops in june.


the band will be playing sunday of bamboozle. the date it may 4th. check out the bamboozle website for updates. there are still a whole bunch of bands left to be added.

that's all.

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[26 Feb 2008|12:22am]

i have very exciting news to share with you in the next few days...

in the mean time, if you haven't checked out the myspace, guitar tracking is DONE. vocals have already started. i think you're going to like what you hear.

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[17 Jan 2008|12:17am]


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[06 Jan 2008|11:28pm]


finally. joey put up a new demo from the record this morning. it's a small indication of the direction that they're heading in and trust me, kids, it's going to blow you all away.

there will be a handful of weekend shows popping up in the near future, so keep an eye out for those. if you can make it out for a show, then please go...i caught one recently at 331 somerset in new brunswick, new jersey and it was insane.

flier, feb 01Collapse )

speaking of shows...did anyone happen to catch thursday / circa survive / the gaslight anthem / innerpartysystem at the starland in sayreville, nj on new years eve? joey came out and did vocals with jesse from the #12 looks like you.

since i know that a lot of you listen to the #12 as well, if anyone's interested:

Better Sound: [jesse and joey start coming in around 2:25, joey takes over vocals at 3:03]

Better Vantage: [jesse / jss @ 3:50, and joey takes over around 4:30]

watch this space...i should have more exciting news in the near future.

as always...questions? comments? hate mail? send them to me!

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WE ARE 138. [24 Dec 2007|06:28pm]

More Shows...

Merry Christmas!


p.s. - the new himsa record is crazy good.
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[15 Dec 2007|07:48pm]


331 somerset is probably my favourite shitty venue ever.

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[22 Nov 2007|09:03pm]

Ok so for all the people who continue to ask about the new record it will in fact be called "FRAILTY".

Writing has begun in earnest resulting in so far 3 new songs "The Hellbound Heart", "LeechBath" and a third as yet unnamed. This new record will,in the tradition of TB records, be slightly different from Each Breath Haunted and the other 3 records previous. This record is definitely taking from the previous records and fusing them more than we did with Each Breath Haunted.

THIS RECORD WILL BE HEAVIER THAN THE OTHER RECORDS, were telling you now! haha we know alot of you love the original EP (Posthumous) shit we loved it also,so we have infact decided that this record were going to a,what we feel a heavier tuning for the songs. Will we still be playing the songs from the other records? Of course,were upgrading them slightly so everything sounds awesome and can be played together when we eventually start playing these live.

I know how this might sound to some of you and how it might be scary to some of you but if youre a fan of the band...please trust us :)

anyway this is where well be putting updates on the record front from now on so if youre interested please check back.

Also well start playing the new songs soon.


[get stoked, kids, cos shit's AMAZING.]
[ohps. happy thanksgiving to the americans here and happy thursday to the rest of you.]

on another note, we're starting to put together 2008, and i think you kids are going to like what joey's got up his sleeve.

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[11 Nov 2007|11:57pm]


No not Each Breath Haunted you tools,so just dont even ask.

As soon as im done uploading them im gonna host our original EP titled "Posthumous" from 2000(ish) and our half of the split with DEADWRONG (stillborn recs) from i think 2001ish? and then ill put up a couple songs from MurderMixtape...2002? no clue. the recording quality on these suck my balls and im only putting the songs i like from mixtape up because some of them suck my balls so hard.Basically we still play some of these songs still and you just kinda look at us all blank and retarded plus we want to start playing some of these songs again also not to mention theyre kind of part of the bands history so some of you might be interested. Whatever free records for you right? none of your other fave bands are giving you free records ARE THEY!?


<3 TB-

HERES the link..
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